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A 280 km journey from the Caribbean coast (Atlantic) to the Pacific. 16 stages

Walking through the soul of Costa Rica.


EL Camino de Costa Rica" It is a fascinating trail that spans the country from sea to sea, marking the first long-distance trail in Central America. This unique trail allows for a cross-continental journey on foot, covering a total of officially established 280 km, with 266 km of overland trek.

A world-class hiking route across the Americas. We start by touching the Caribbean Sea and finish by reaching the Pacific Ocean. It cuts across more than 100 communities, reserves, National Parks, indigenous communities, and national routes.

266 to 280 km (160-175 miles), using rural roads and trails. Helping small businesses and villages along the way at every step.

The project is not only about the walk; it's linked to community assistance and the economic development of small towns across the country.


Enjoying a passage through the nature and landscapes of the Talamanca Mountain Range and the Brunqueña Ridge.

A glimpse into the Costa Rican economy, its cuisine, the warmth of its people, and a direct experience with the locals.


The Stages

EL Camino de Costa Rica
Etapas del Camino

Discover the Diverse Accommodation Options Along Costa Rica's Trail

As the Camino de Costa Rica has grown, so too have the diverse lodging options at the end of each stage. At Urritek, we prioritize human quality, exceptional service, and top-notch infrastructure in each of our local centers along this fascinating journey.

Starting with Julio's welcoming rustic cabins, we have expanded our offerings to meet the needs of all travelers. From campsites to quaint hotels, community homes, and charming cabins, at Urritek, we maintain direct contact with both the delicious local cuisine and the authentic Costa Rican community.

Formats of Hiking

  • 16 Days - Complete Stage-by-Stage Route

    • Ideal for those who want to tackle the trail in stages, moderating the difficulty and fully enjoying each stretch.

  • 8 Days - Best Sections for Time-Constrained Travelers

    • Designed for travelers with limited time, allowing them to experience the trail's most prominent sections in a condensed duration.

  • 14 Days - Mode for Advanced and Intermediate Hikers

    • Tailored for hikers with intermediate to advanced experience levels, seeking a faster and comprehensive pace.

  • 11 Days - Advanced Hike

    • A challenge for experienced hikers aiming to complete the trail in a shorter timeframe.

  • Sections - Flexibility for Repeat Travelers

    • An option for travelers with limited days or those who wish to explore specific sections in 4 or 5 days.

  • Superior Version - Luxury and Comfort

    • An exclusive version featuring the finest hotels and an exceptional culinary experience, catering to those seeking a higher level of comfort.

EL Camino de Costa Rica
EL Camino de Costa Rica
EL Camino de Costa Rica
EL Camino de Costa Rica

Our Mission: A Camino Towards Development and Conservation

Although our goal is to traverse the American Continent from sea to sea, our fundamental purpose is to support the communities along the way. Surprisingly, 98% of these communities are not highlighted on Costa Rica's tourist map. This is where community-based rural tourism and hiking become catalysts for development for these micro-entrepreneurs, providing them with direct livelihood opportunities.

At Urritek, we focus on two vital aspects: the economic progress of the communities and environmental conservation. Responsible tourism not only benefits the local communities economically but also contributes to the protection of our environment. We promote tree planting and advocate for environmental education as an integral part of our work. Thus, we are not only leaving footprints on the land but also sowing a sustainable future for generations to come.

Together, we are building a path towards sustainable development and environmental preservation, where every step we take leaves a positive impact on people's lives and the health of our planet.

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